Jessica Hart

Legally Binding

Release Date: 1995

Legally Binding is Jane’s story. Ten years ago she was far too sensible to run away with local rebel Lyall. But now he’s back, and the bad boy is all grown up. Lyall is a successful businessman who holds the keys to the future of her family business and this time he’s going to make sure he specifies the terms … but has he really changed? And will Jane risk her heart again?

A Little Bit Extra...

As with all the other books in the Jessica Hart Vintage Collection, Legally Binding is a book of its time. Every time I read them, I’m struck by how antiquated the pre-computerised years seem. It’s not that long ago, but it feels like history. When Jane complains to Lyall that he should have told her that he was now the Chief Executive of the company that’s bought the manor, Lyall counters that she could have done some research into an important prospective client, and it’s hard not to think: ‘he’s right, why didn’t she Google him? But of course this was written long before Google, when secretaries still typed out invoices and brothers sent requests for money on a postcard. Perhaps Jane can be forgiven for not knowing that Lyall was coming back and getting ready to turn her world upside down all over again.

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